Poem #817

we sit in the bathtub together
your knees pushing on mine
the soft wave of water whenever we move
that little drip noise when we lift our hands
your hair is slicked back
and your eyes are wide.
the words march out of you
organized, powerful.
like a true revolutionary
I was attracted to you before
but this, it’s neodymium
the only reason I didn’t drown
is because you got up
and grabbed a towel

Poem #816

when I see you
it’s your black hole eyes
that suck me in.
but the gravity of your eyes
is nothing
you are everything
the sweet notes you leave me
your enthusiasm for justice
the way you pronounce “alien”
how you try so hard
even when most people wouldn’t
to be kind and patient
you, your essence,
are a nebula.
a cloud with any shape
you are anything

Poem #815

this sickness
it’s falling
into a vat of honey
you can’t move your limbs
it gets into your mouth
you scream
and the sickening sweetness
it invades you
it’s wonderful and terrible.
you’re in control
but you feel out of control
when it gets to your eyes,
it’s the worst.
you can see what you’re doing
and you can see it’s not helping;
but you can’t do anything about it.